EGR Cleaning

Firstly, what is an EGR? It is an Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valve, which is an emissions reduction device installed on the engine. Controlled by the ECU, it allows a percentage of the exhaust gas to re-circulate (enter) the inlet manifold and therefore the combustion chamber. As the air/fuel mixture has already been burnt there is no oxygen in it – or very little thereby making it inert. This inert exhaust gas lowers the combustion temperature in the combustion chamber as there is less oxygen or O2 in the charge.
This is the intention of the manufacturer as lower combustion temperatures create less oxides of nitrogen (NOx)  and NOx is considered a greenhouse gas. However, the constant exhaust gas flowing through the EGR valve, cooler and inlet manifold leaves a residue, which after as little as 90,000k’s can build up so much that it restricts the air flow into the engine. This causes many mechanical problems, power loss and increased fuel consumption.
Like most things, prevention is better than a cure.  That’s why we recommend our In-Situ Chemical cleaning process every other service or so to avoid having remove the EGR and inlet manifold for a much more expensive manual clean. Our Motorvac system is recognised as the best in the industry.

Toyota 200 Series EGR & Manifold Cleaning

Carbon Cleaning Solutions

If the intake is left un-serviced, there comes a point where In-Situ cleaners cannot break down the extreme buildup and the only option is manual cleaning. This is where we remove the inlet manifold and EGR valve and clean these components using powerful chemicals and a hot-wash to return the components to an as new condition, getting your vehicle back on the road and running better than ever.

Carbon cleaning will allow your engine to breathe better, make less pollution, make more power and use less fuel.

Manual Carbon Cleaning Pricing – All Other Models Catered For Also

Toyota 200 & 79 Series 4.5D4D V8   $1295.00
Toyota Hilux/Prado 3.0 & 2.8D4D    $995.00
Mitsubishi 3.2 & 2.5DID                      $995.00
Holden Colorado 2.8D                        $995.00

EGR Inlet Carbon Build Up
ECUWEST’s powerful Hotwash cleans your carbon filled manifolds and EGR bodies as good as new.
Toyota 200 Series EGR & Manifold Cleaning


  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Land Rover Discovery 4 carbon clean and Dyno tune carried out by ECU West of Port Kennedy. More than happy with the results. Smooth and even acceleration through all gears and a noticeable increase in power. What’s more, the great service offered by ECU West is a refreshing change from the no-care attitude that seems to be everywhere in retail today. I am more than glad I went out of way to find these guys. Already recommended to others I know.

    • Its great to hear we exceeded youre expectations – thank you for leaving the review