Why Choose ECUWEST For Your Tuning Partner/Provider?

Support, yes, even before profit, support is the single most important aspect when it comes to you making it in the performance tuning industry.
Our Dealer Focussed system will ensure you’re not left sweating it out with a bricked car in your workshop or on your dyno with an angry customer sitting in your waiting room. Support should be at the top of your list of priorities, and as such we believe ours is the best. You will be able to get a hold of us during Australian business hours to get immediate assistance should anything go wrong.
Have you been sold master tools by high pressure salespeople working for an unscrupulous business? Or made the decision to buy master tools following some poor advice given to you via internet forums and FB page warriors, only to have to throw them in the corner and not make any money from them because you don’t have the confidence to use them safely? You see we know that the 4 day courses don’t even scratch the surface, let alone leave you self-sufficient to go on operating a tuning business.
Our progressive dealer training process will have you making huge gross profits immediately while you learn the art of ECU Remapping, then over time, you can move into tunefile writing at a sustainable rate. This is the only system we have seen work, and so many of our dealers have already benefited from this proven process. A large percentage of our dealers just stay at step one, as they just don’t have the time to invest in learning every aspect of tuning, and this remains the most profitable way for them, and tuning remains the most profitable activity they do in their business. This flexible approach works for everyone.


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