2015 Kawasaki H2 ECU Remapping

The Kawasaki H2 was a long time coming, I nearly hated it due to Kawasaki’s annoying and excruciatingly slow video release. But I couldn’t wait to get one on the dyno. And it didn’t disappoint, in fact it is an amazing bit of kit, opinions from guys walking into the workshop are truly polarizing. They don’t like its looks but love its power, and I guess if you were lucky enough to own one you would think it looked as beautiful as your firstborn. Anyhow, 252 rear wheel horsepower is simply staggering, I was wondering what was going to give up first, the smoking dynos retarder or the Bridgestone RS10 rear tyre showering the workshop in molten rubber! Who needs an unregisterable H2R when you can bring your H2 to us Kawasaki h2 tuning


H2 DJET Results


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