2015 Triumph Speed Triple Performance ECU Remapping Dyno Results

ECUwest has now added the Triumph Speed Triple 1050 to its range of custom tuned performance remaps. See results below.

  • Low gear power limiters removed
  • Disable fuel cut for flawless throttle control
  • Reduced engine braking on decel
  • Complete re-curve of ignition timing at all throttle positions
  • Raise rev-limit to 10,500 rpm
  • O2 sensor¬†function disabled for stable AFRs
  • Remove O2 sensor FI code
  • AFR’s optimised – no need for PCV or any other fuel controller
  • +8 RWHP
This bike had a full exhaust system installed already so baseline run would be a little higher than stock
Industry standard dynojet figures

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 Performance Dyno Tuning




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