2015 Yamaha R1 Performance ECU Remapping Reflash

The all new WE 2015 Yamaha R1 is sexy looking piece of machinery, we’ve just put 120 k’s on it and decided to give it a stock baseline run.

We have cracked the ECU and tunefile of this complex piece of machinery, so read on to see the benefits and follow us as we go from stock to a great looking, crazy sounding and insanely powerful bike!!

The graphs below shows the bike in totally stock condition compared to ECU tune and 3/4 Akrapovic/ECUWEST link pipe combination.

Some of the other benefits and options of the remap are below:

  • Both O2 sensors and Exup servo are disabled with no check engine light or de-rate to D Mode when disconnected. No EXUP servo eliminator is required when fitting full system or link pipe
  • You now have 500rpm of over rev if you need it, decal maps are improved with fuel cut disabled, making throttle transitions much improved.
  • AIS pump is turned off
  • Disable air intake valve
  • Disable top speed limiter
  • Fuel and ignition timing maps are perfect (per gear and and throughout all throttle settings)
  • Fly-by-wire restrictions removed per gear and for decel
  • Quickshift blipper enabled – this enables clutchless downshifts as per new S1000RR (additional hardware required for this)
  • Cooling fan cut in set point lowered to suit Aussie climate
  • Variable intake stack control optimised

Our Perfomance upgrade kit yielded a massive 17hp from stock, nearly 10Nm of torque and 500RPM over rev, much smoother delivery and much more punch in the mid range – and that sound….

The industry standard of motorcycle HP Measurement is usually in Dynojet figures – in this mode we gained a huge 23 peak HP over stock – taking the standard factory stated figures of 200hp to a class crushing 223HP!!
Stock as with 120k’s on the clock…


Removal of weight and unwanted items…


Looks so much better without the 10kg cat box… We’ll loosen her up and with a few more k’s and get some decent Motorex Oil into it before we start chasing horsepower. At the moment we have just disabled the EXUP and both O2 sensors to get the fueling how we want it.


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