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One Happy Customer

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the recent ECU tune you performed on our 2013 Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi. First the dyno graph reflecting a 22kw improvement in power, now an amazing 144kw ATW Acceleration is truly something else! It holds all the way through the throttle zone & feels every bit of the 144kw!  Even more impressively is the unexpected improvement to gear shifting We live 10 minutes South of Mclaren Vale, so on the way home we use the expressway, then drive through the Vale and tackle some steep long hills for most of the remaining journey.  Previously the Ranger would struggle to work out what gear it wanted to be in, even to the degree of needing to concentrate not to have it kick down 2 gears at once. Having owned a Territory before we are used to this and thought we would just have put up with it on the Ranger Now she is a whole different car. The increased torque at lower throttle allows the engine to pull and stay in gear. When it does finally need to shift down at the extremely steep area, it now seems so gentle, almost seamless! Along the expressway and in regular traffic areas it “feels and sounds” like it is 300 RPM or so lower all of the time” I don’t know if this is the case or whether the smoother / earlier shifting just gives this impression but that’s how it seems anyway. Fuel economy is bound to be improved due to all of the above, and although early days since the tune, the on board display already highlights an apparent improvement. I can’t wait to tow the race car with it!!! Thanks very much Brett and Team, I will happily recommend this upgrade to any of your clients anytime.


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  • Hi I have a np pajero 3.2l which has been rebuilt recently. It runs well but is lacking some power especially high speeds for overtaking.
    Also tow a camper off roading so want to open up power capabilities.
    I want to do a new exhaust but hear it is best after tune to do so?
    What would you suggest and approx $ please.

    • Hi Ash, we can tune the NP Pajero no problems. The NW is here – but the gains arent quite as good with the NP.

  • Hi. I have a 2007 A6 Audi allroad 3 litre diesel and was wondering if a tune up would quieten the engine as well as help gear change?

    • Hi Neil, we cant guess over email what your engine noise is Mate, so we’re not going to advise you to get it remapped to fix that and your transmission problems, it just wouldn’t be honest. Bring your car in and we can assess what your complaints are and go from there.


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