Toyota Tuning Course

We’ll hone your skills and expertise with advanced knowledge of ECM Titanium that’s particular to Toyota diesel vehicles. This ECUWEST course covers high-level training on how to apply Alientech software to Toyota models including Landcruiser, Hilux and Prado. With practical tuning exercises on all of these models, you’ll become a proficient Toyota tuner enhancing your business’s tuning reputation

What the course covers:
  • How to calculate the maximum increment possible on stock Toyota diesel engines
  • ECM drivers and mapping
  • The common faults and issues with Toyota vehicles
  • The best upgrades options for Toyota vehicles
  • Practical Tuning 200 Series, 79 Series and 3.0D4D Vehicles on our AWD Dyno

Get the most out of this course

All participants must complete the ECUWEST’s Alientech approved advanced level training course first. We also recommend first completing the Basic Level course to ensure you have an adequate foundation of knowledge before taking your tuning expertise up a notch.

Toyota Hilux 3.0D4D ECU Remapping

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