BMW E70 X5 30d ECU Remapping

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With Our ECU remapping we achieved these great results on our own BMW X5.

A brief review on how it drives now. The improvement is quite profound, the urge is smooth and linear, just an endless rush until you look at the speedo and realise you have to slow down or there will be grief from the constabulary. On a recent weekend riding getaway we towed a tandem trailer with 3 dirt bikes down to Nannup, overtaking is now much safer and instant. Fuel consumption improved from 9.4L per 100k to 8.5L. Not bad given all the extra power and torque.

We’re proud to now offer this great new product.

Call if youre interested in having this upgrade done for your BMW X5 3.0D ECU REMAPPING, Audi Q7 or any turbo Euro SUV or sedan.

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