Can-Am Maverick X ds Turbo Performance ECU Remapping and Tuning

ECUwest can now remap the crazy Maverick Turbo, taking the stock horsepower of 121hp to 145!!

These flashes can be done by us or one of our flashing dealers located throughout Australia. Please see our dealers page for a dealer near you. If you are going to ship it to us, you will need to send it to our Baldivis PO address. Please include all of your contact information with your ECU. All ECU tunes have the following features:

  • Rev Limiters set at 8700 RPM
  • Speed / TQ limits removed in Low Gear
  • Now Low Gear revs to 8700
  • Speed / TQ limits removed in High Gear
  • Now High Gear revs to 8700
  • Engine Speed TQ Limiters removed (“Shaft Saver delete”)
  • V-Max Removed (Removed vehicle speed limiters)
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (Economy Settings Improved)
  • 100% throttle in all Modes
  • Fans set to activate at 74 degrees C
  • Fueling is corrected so no fuel controllers are needed

Call now to arrange yours – $495.00

Maverick 1000RX ds Turbo performance tuning ECUwest

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  • Tony Saliba
    28/08/2019 6:42 pm

    Hi guys I’m interested in the remap for my 2016 Maverick turbo (not x3) is there anyone in Queensland??

    • Hi Tony sorry for the late reply – you can send us the ECU directly if you like


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