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Mapping Software

ECM Titanium is the mapping or file editing software that allows you to interpret and modify the files read out of the ECU easily and accurately. ECM can be used on cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractor and boats. ECM does not need any other program or additional software to modify the original maps which enhance performance.

For each stock original file there is a corresponding driver which is supplied by Alientech. If one is , that decodes and makes available the parameters of the engine performance, or in other words it defines the hex dump which you read from the ECU with either a KessV2 or KTAG. For example: spark advance, engine RPM, acceleration percentage and turbo pressure. This enables you to edit the relevant maps to enhance performance and economy. This software is for professional tuners, we encourage all users to attend our Alientech Training Academy to learn how to make the most of the software.

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