Fuel Pre-Filter

The biggest enemy of today’s high tech (and expensive) common rail diesel engines is fuel contamination. This contamination can come in different forms – water, solid particulate or microbiological.

It’s easy to think that fuel contamination is something that happens “in the bush” but this is simply not true! Did you know that 72% of all diesel fuel injection system failures are caused by water and fuel lubricity problems? Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter Kits protect late model common rail diesel engines against costly injector failure.

Installing a our Pre-Fuel Filter kit between the fuel tank and the O.E.M fuel filter will remove the majority of water and particle contamination. This leaves the O.E.M fuel filter to do the final and finer filtration. This ensures you are maximising the protection of your diesel fuel system.

For the ultimate front line defence against water and particulate contamination, investing in a one of our Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter Kits will protect your investment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pre & Secondary Filter Systems

Designed to efficiently remove particle matter and water from fuel –  THE FUEL MANAGER Filter systems consist of a range of primary and secondary filters available in different lengths and micron levels to suit nearly every make and model diesel 4WD.

Fuel Manager options & variations are so numerous that they will meet any application but for our Fuel Filter Bracket Kits we have chosen to use the following:

Primary (Pre) Filter – 30 microns
Plumbed before your factory fuel filter. Rated at 30 microns and prolongs the service life of your factory filter cartridge.

Secondary (Final) Filter  – 2 and 5 microns
Plumbed after your factory filter as a last line of defence the secondary filter in both 2 micron and 5 microns for V8 applications will effectively remove any water or contaminants that make it past your factory filter.

Fuel Pre FIlters