Honda CBR1000RR and CBR600RR Tuning & ECU Remapping

ECUWEST can now exclusively flash tune Honda’s via the bikes diagnostic port for dyno tuning sessions or you can send us your ECU for one of our flash tunes too! – No cutting of the ECU is required with our own Honda editing software.


We can tune the following Honda’s
2004 + CBR1000RR
2004 + CBR600RR

This 2012 CBR1000RR originally came to us with 142hp at the wheel. With what is becoming the norm, ┬áremoving the Power Commander from the bike saw a small increase in horsepower. After many runs and ECU calibrations we finished up with 153.1hp at the wheel (176 DJET HP). An awesome gain in anyone’s books. Amongst other adjustments we raise RPM and speed limits, clean up the fuel maps to get the AFRs right and add ignition timing where necessary. A point of interest is that when the bike came into us it had a Power Commander fitted, removing this and doing nothing else provided an extra 2hp (up to our starting point of 146hp)

2012 CBR1000RR ECUwest Custom ECU Tuning Final



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