Jeep JK Wrangler 2.8 CRD ECU Remapping Results

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Simon has always been happy with his well used Wrangler, but didn’t think much of the chip he had bought for it. After writing a few custom tunefiles to suit the mods he has we came up with one which we knew he’d be happy with.

Early indications using our OBD2 rolling road sim software which has been surprisingly accurate in the past has seen power go from 108kW at the wheels to 139kW and 347Nm to 386Nm he has also picked up a 10% increase in fuel economy. The lag and throttle response has also seen a dramatic improvement.

Its a no brainer when comparing to chips and modules which were throwing annoying check engine lights whilst yielding no power gains at all yet cost the same or more than the $995.00 for our OBD remap.

Powergate 3 2"

Available via Powergate 3 – click on image to learn more

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