The KESSv2 facilitates communication with the ECU via the vehicles OBD port negating the requirement to remove the ECU for tuning purposes
The included Ksuite software is easy to use, intuitive and can be used in several languages.
Updates are automatic, limiting user intervention so the operator can concentrate on the important task at hand – tuning!
The KESSv2 also offers many additional features when compared with other tools, including:
  • Boot-Loader mode supported – you can remove ECU and tune via pin out arrangement
  • Management of programming counters – resets the ECU reflash count
  • ScanTool function to erase DTC – erase any errors stored in the ECU, therefore eliminating the need of additional scan tools.

Features which ensure the safety during reading/writing operations can be summarised as:

  • Check of battery voltage in real-time – lets you know battery voltage at all times
  • Full Recovery function – Recover from PC or software failure (avoiding bricked ECU’s)
  • Automatic correction of Checksum, where available – the KESSv2 will automatically correct the tunefile checksum.

We have KessV2 Slave kits in stock to get you started immediately.  A Slave tool will allow you to use ECUWEST performance tunefiles only to tune any of the vehicles which it supports and is the easiest and most affordable way to get into tuning. ECUWEST Slave tools include free and ongoing training and file troubleshooting support.

We can also supply you with KessV2 Master Kits







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