Leading Edge Race Coaching Review

We all want to drop those precious seconds and then 10’s of seconds off of our lap times right? Well apart from an ECUWEST remap how do we achieve that?! I was struggling around the low 62’s at Barbagallo Raceway for several tuning sessions (managing a PB of 61.8) and started wondering how was I going to break through this mental and physical barrier. I heard through a mate that Mark Gill, owner of Leading Edge Motorcycle Sport was having good success with a couple of young riders in the WA Road Racing scene so I gave him a call. I have to say the experience was a pleasure from start to end. [spacer height=”20px”]

For a very reasonable price Mark comes to your house or place of work the day before the track coaching session and spends several hours setting up your bike, drinking your coffee and yakking about our shared passion of bikes! The day at the track was even better, my bike was so far out in terms of suspension setup I immediately felt more confident, my toes were no longer scraping in the basin and turn 1 and the bike was no longer wiggling the rear under power. 2nd session out I hit a PB of 61.6 and the PB’s kept coming all day until the poor old Dunlop KR108’s were completely knackered – they had already done the first round of the State Championships. I reckon there are 60’s lurking not too far away with a fresh set of tires. [spacer height=”20px”]

Mark uses his own software and GPS training aids, overlaying your best lap over a 58 second lap, showing exactly where you need to improve – oddly enough my corner speed was better than his 😉 but I had a lot to work on else where – this was a profound help. At the end of the day I was more or less “cruising” around at better that previous PB’s just focusing on body position and braking markers with no traction at all. A testament to Leading Edges approach and successful mixture of coaching techniques.

As a business owner, I need to turn up to work every Monday, so circulating faster and SAFER around the track only improves the enjoyment of the sport we all love so much. Well done Mark and the team at Leading Edge Motorcycle Sports.


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