ECUWEST’s Tuning Technology is committed to staying one step ahead in the world of Motorsports tuning by developing and distributing the most extensive line of ECU performance Tune Files for motorcycles, cars, watercraft and outboards.
Through our ever expanding network of knowledgeable Tuning Centers around the world, we are able to offer new technology, optimum performance results, and quality customer service to an international community of Motorsport enthusiasts.

The Technology

ECUWEST is a performance service consisting of reprogramming or “flashing” your vehicles stock ECU (Electronic Control Unit) unlocking the hidden potential of your car, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile. This results incredible power gains, optimum engine deceleration maps, increased rev limit, smoother on/off throttle response, “Dash Code” removal and so much more. The bike retains all stock instrument and light functions along with all safety parameters of the stock ECU. ECUWEST uses only the most advanced hardware and software to develop and distribute one of the largest and diverse tuning services in the world.
This offers the track day enthusiast, club racers, and even factory race teams an incredibly competitive “Plug-n-Play” electronics service package without the extensive cost and testing time associated with a race kit ECU, wiring harnesses, cables etc.

KTM 1290 Superduke R 2017+ECU Remapping

Removing Restrictions and Perfecting the Tune……..

ECU Modifications – (Optional per customer request and application)
    • Remove Throttle Restrictions
    • Increased Idle
    • Increased Rev Limit
    • Remove Speed Limiters (Gear Dependent)
    • Reduce Excessive Engine Braking/Improved Deceleration
    • Improved Throttle Control & Reaction
    • Remove Injector Shut-Off on Deceleration
    •  Eliminate Factory “Error codes” (ex. exhaust valve, steering damper)
    • Improved Fuel Maps
    • Improved Ignition Maps
    • Injector Phasing Adjustment
    • Velocity Stack Switching Adjustment (Variable Stacks Only)
    • Race Fuel Mapping Accommodations
    • Auto Blip and Quickshifter activation’s
“Return to Stock” Option

All ECU’s can be reprogrammed back to it’s stock settings at anytime. (fee’s will apply)

ECUWEST performance Tune Files have been Dyno tested and tuned for maximum performance. While most bikes show a 6-10% increased in power, we have seen some result in as high as +20% power gains.

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