ECU Remapping Services:

ECUWEST proudly advertises our pricing to make it easier for our customers. You don’t have to trawl through Facebook pages or call mobile phone numbers in order to know where you stand. Our pricing reflects our premium services and products, our after sales service and peace of mind for you knowing you are buying from a bricks and mortar reputable business. We understand that price point is at the forefront of our customers minds, but you need to ask yourself if saving a few dollars up front is worth an expensive and inconvenient engine failure should you choose a mobile or Facebook presented outfit. Remember the tried and true expression “you get what you pay for”.

  • Bike mail in flashes – Price per flash $575.00 (Inc Shipping)
  • Custom Bike ECU Dyno Tuning POA
  • Custom Turbo Diesel And Turbo Petrol ECU Dyno Tuning from POA
  • Mail In Car ECU Remapping – POA

Motorcycle ECU Mail In & Flash Process:

  1. Click the online ordering link HERE
  2. Send your ECU to:
6/18 Jacquard Way
Port Kennedy WA 6172

Turbo Diesel & Petrol Custom Dyno ECU Remapping Process:

  1. Call and discuss what we can do for you, book in and pay on the day. Sometimes we may need to take a deposit to secure your booking.

You can have your Stage 2 upgrade kit (3″ Turbo Back Exhaust and ECU tuned to suit) fitted at our workshop which is situated in Port Kennedy

Please inquire at:   [email protected]