Procharger AustraliaECUWEST supply a range of ProCharger complete supercharger systems – the largest street-legal power gains in the industry. These supercharger systems come with all the components needed for an attractive, OEM-quality installation. ProCharger supercharger system and kits are designed to be installed on completely stock or modified engines. Call ECUWEST to have your ProCharger installed and dyno tuned. Pricing will change with shipping and currency fluctuations.

With the broadest product offerings and a unique ability to offer cutting edge technology and features, along with the peace of mind associated with cooler charge air temperatures and outstanding engine reliability, ProCharger has you covered.

From the dyno to the street, and on the track, ProCharger’s engineering and R&D teams go to great lengths to ensure your enhanced vehicle is everything you expect and more. From stock to purpose-built racing machines, once you’ve experienced the incredible, real-world power of a ProCharged vehicle, you’ll agree that ProCharger is the Ultimate Power Adder.
*Please make sure the ProCharger kit you choose will fit your vehicle and its LHD to RHD conversion. Tip – Download the install manual to check. There are no returns or refunds for these kits*

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