Suzuki GSX 1400 Performance ECU Dyno Tuning

Performance ECU tuning for Suzuki’s GSX 1400 is completed . Excellent gains were made, the bike now making 120 Dynojet HP at the rear wheel, what’s more is the gains are carried right throughout the rev range. Details and results below:

  • Low gear power limiters removed
  • Disable fuel cut for flawless throttle control
  • Re-program sub-throttles for max power and improved rideability at all rpm and throttle positions
  • Reduced engine braking on decel
  • Complete re-curve of ignition timing at all throttle positions
  • AFR’s optimised – no need for PCV or any other fuel controller
  • +7 RWHP

Suzuki GSX 1400 Performance Tuning ECUWEST

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