Toyota 200 Series 4.5DTT Performance ECU Flash Tuning & Remapping

ECUWest, first again to communicate with the 200 series Toyota Twin Turbo Land Cruiser using Alientechs Tuning gear. Then first again collaborating with our expert dealers (Brett West – APE Adelaide) over the phone, whatsapp, Skype and Teamviwer, 100’s oof hours developing the best tuning options utilizing the state of the art Mainline 4WD Dyno. Sounding a bit repetitive lately do we? We we don’t care!

We know all you torque fiends out there would love another 200 Nm of torque to tow your Christmas armada around the best country on Earth – check out the results below. This is a stock vehicle and would drive just like your stock vehicle does now – just twice as good whilst using less fuel. Gains would obviously improve with 3″ TBE etc

$1200.00 for flash only or $1550 – $1600 for flash and dyno time.

200 Series 4.5DTT ECUWEST Tuning

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