F33A-FTV Tuning

ECUWEST Dealers can now offer tuning for the long awaited Toyota 300 Series Landcruiser FJA300R. Our in house ECU Remapping yields awesome gains of 30% more power. The stock 300 V6 Diesel made more power on our Mainline Dyno than our 200 Series did tuned and modified. And now with a tune only, this new F33A-FTV engine and car will smash any other comparable 4WD in an acceleration test. Yes – there will be some tool out there saying it wont beat his Trackhawk – that’s why I said comparable. There’s simply nothing that would get close. That 10 Speed Auto just keeps the engine right in between its max torque and max power sweet spot to get you into licence revoking territory very quickly. And its better on juice.

We’ve owned the 200 Series and now we’ve had a 300 Series for a few months. Even before doing any mods, the 300 Series is just better in every aspect than the 200 Series. Our 300 Series is a Sahara so its a little unfair to compare it with the trim of our 200 VX but its still so much better. I love hearing stories of people paying $200K for the last of the V8, 14 year old 200 series. Dude, you’ve just dudded yourself back into that swaying caravan, the panic of not getting around that road train because its so gutless for a twin turbo V8 modern diesel engine. The 300 tows as well as a 1500 GM Silverado or RAM 1500 Hemi, probably better actually, as they too (6.2i Silverado) are pretty lazy if you don’t supercharge them. I can only say this as I’ve owned them all.
Ok – Our big L5P 2500HD Silverado was much better than the 300 at towing. That was a truck I should not have sold…

Get a 300, tune it and drive it, that’s all you need to do. With a decent set of tyres fitted, you’ll have one of the best off road haulers and overland adventure vehicles there is without spending $50K on up-grades to make it more competent.


Dyno Tuning Results

300 Series Landcruiser ECU Remapping
Tuning only
300 Series ECU Remapping