With ECUWEST’s Toyota Facelift 200 Series ECU Remapping you can expect great gains of 20% in Power and 22% of Torque at all 4 wheels. Besides this the remap can also help with the the operation of the Automatic Transmission where relevant, the torque converter will lock earlier which saves fuel and keeps the transmission oil temps down.

A Manta 3″ Exhaust assists in creating more power and sounds great. We also recommend, supply and fit Fuel Pre-Filters and Oil Catch Cans for these vehicles. Ask about our In Situ Motorvac EGR & Inlet Manifold Carbon Cleaning Services.

Our Toyota Facelift 200 Series ECU Remapping also improves drive-ability and economy. The process requires the vehicle to be at our workshop (Or your closest ECUWEST dealer) for just the day. Our specialist tuners set the vehicle up on our All Wheel Dyno for a baseline dyno run. We then through our iterative tuning process, tune and revise the tune until it perfectly suits your car and its modifications. All this is done to a safe industry standard ensuring maximum reliability and longevity.

At ECUWEST we custom tune every vehicle that comes through our workshop in line with our Alientech Approved Tuning Process. Most importantly we train all leading tuning workshop technicians across Australia with our Alientech Approved Tuning Courses. Furthermore every vehicle is given back to the customer with a dyno graph. This graph shoes the baseline or as arrived dyno run and final tuned run for your comparison. Exactly as displayed in this example here. Follow our FB Page Here

Dyno Tuning Results

Results from ECU Remapping Only
Toyota Facelift 200 Series ECU Remapping