MT-10 & MT-10SP

With ECUWEST’s Yamaha MT-10 ECU Remapping you can expect more power and torque. We gained a nice 10HP peak and picked up about 10Nm at the rear wheel. We also get rid of the on off throttle snatch using lambda maps – we don’t disconnect o2 sensors for theses bikes.

Eliminate Factory Restrictions +10HP
Increased Acceleration & Top Speed
Improved Throttle Response & Control
No O2 Eliminator Required – O2 Sensors Must Work
proved Fuel & Ignition Maps
Eliminates Factory Throttle Restrictions
Optimise Throttle FBW Maps
Eliminate Timing Retards
Increase Rev & Speed Limiter
Eliminate Fuel Cut/Optimise Off-Throttle (Decel) Mapping

Our Yamaha MT-10 ECU Remapping is available as a mail in flash or as custom dyno tune which will yield better results as every bike is a little different

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Yamaha MT-10 ECU Remapping