Yamaha XT1200Z ECU Reflash Reviews And Testimonials


We’ve had a heap of interest lately in enhancing Yamaha’s venerable XT1200Z Super Tenere – in way of our performance ECU remapping. Have a read of our latest three happy customers, their bikes were in various states of tune, from totally stock to full exhaust systems etc.

“Sorry for the late reply to your request for feedback. Since fitting I’ve done over 9,000 km so I now have a good idea of the results from the re-flash. Firstly the throttle response is much more instant especially at lower revs. Power and response has increased from idle to 3000 rpm, from 3000 to 5500 rpm power and especially response have greatly improved. As I’m using the bike for long distance dual sporting I find that I’m using from 2000 to 5000 rpm in most situations so the improvements are right were I need them.

Fuel consumption has not been affected in fact at legal speeds has slightly improved.

Off to on throttle transition can be a bit abrupt at times more so than before ECU change. A few times when I should have been on my Husaberg (slippery creek crossings etc) I’ve switched to the standard touring mode to make throttle response more gentle, I guess that’s what it’s for so not really a problem just an observation.

So I would definitely recommend the ECU re-flash as it makes a bit of a slug into a very good bike.”

Shane – NSW

“I got the ECU in the mail last week with the Gen 2 flash. Thank for your persistence with ECU Unleashed. 

I didn’t want to reply until I’d given the bike a few hundred km’s to get a good feel of the changes. Now that I have, I can say that I’m more than impressed with the result. The throttle control is now much smoother (the main reason I wanted the upgrade) but what I can’t believe is the transformation in power delivery. I’ve seen the HP numbers to know there’s not allot of difference in the before and after but the bike is now a different machine. The acceleration in Sport mode is awesome, for a 260kg dual sport bike, and the usability in Touring mode has made the bike near perfect for what I want. 

Money well spent. I’ve recommended this upgrade to others that have the same bike as me. What I’m also happy to promote is your good service and importantly good communication”

Cameron – NSW

“Darren, Got the ECU refitted late last week and had the chance to test it out over the weekend.  This is how it should come from the factory.  The off idle flat spot is completely gone which is what I mainly wanted to cure.  As well as that it now goes like a 1200 should. Prior to the reflash it was a bit “soft” right across the rev range particularly in the bottom few gears in both sport and tour modes.  You can still tell the difference between the two modes but the performance is so much better now.  All I can say is great product and great service, should have done it earlier” 

Iain – QLD

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  • Graham Harding
    09/11/2018 3:38 pm

    I just re-installed my re-flashed ECU back into my 2010 Super Tenere XT1200ZZ, I have owned it from new, it’s done 20,000km, both road and off road. and I will outline the mods that I have done to the bike because a generic flash will not be a 100% on the money because every mod you carry out will affect the tune of the Tenere, or any make or model of bike with the different available brands of aftermarket upgrades.

    I fitted Arrow headers that I had ceramic coated, a flowing carbon fibre muffler with modified baffle, and a K&N air filter was thrown in for good measure.

    Well what can I say, the back firing has been all but eliminated, before the flash it was quite common to back fire at low RPM, stopping at traffic lights or slowing for corners, I went for a 100KM ride after the re-installation and it popped twice, I am over the moon with that improvement. The jerky, lumpiness between 1000 to 3000 RPM has been all but eliminated, and I do mean all but, I would gestimate 95% erased, a tad pickey, possibly, but for a generic flash it’s jump 2 over the moon.

    Now comes the serious stuff, the power has definitely increased, I nailed it throught the gears and it took a bit more effort to stop sliding off the back, very impressed, running out to redline was a joy to behold. At cruise around 120kph the exhaust note was a bit quieter than before, this could be due to the engine not working as hard than when it was running under fuelled, I was so impressed by this, it really was just purring along effortlessly, before it seemed to labor in comparison. Others have mentioned better fuel economy after the flash, and I have no doubt that this will pan out as true down the track.

    I suppose the obvious question now is, was it worth it?, the answer is a definite yes, it is worth every penny, the improvements have been outstanding, but I would definitely recommend that you get a custom ECU flash for your particular bike as I believe it would be well worth the the extra money, as in the not to distant future I will get the boys at ECUWEST to do mine.

    Fantastic people, great service, great product, and a very professional looking workshop.



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