Yamaha YEC Racing Parts

ECUwest has finished installing and tuning the YEC ECU & Harness Kit, below you can see the YEC kit versus the flashed OEM kit. We changed gearing ratios between comparison runs as can been seen by the offset in the graph below. We tuned the fuel and spark maps via the YEC FI Matching Software and ended up with almost 4 rear wheel horse power over the OEM setup. Additional power and torque is only a small part of the benefits – the electronic aids (LCS, LIF, TCS and SCS) offer far less intervention and are much more track biased. The engine braking adjustment is probably the area of greatest advantage, the bike no longer wants to back into corners following heavy braking zones. The YEC arrangement ditches a lot of weight also and there’s no more risk of leaving the key at home on race day!

We have finished developing auto blip clutchless downshift kits and individual cylinder performance tuning for the YEC ECU Race Kit – you will see the disparity in AFR’s in the photos below, these are taken from the middle two cylinders – although the combined AFR at the muffler was 13:1, the cyinders show how unbalanced the AFR;s are from the factory.

YEC Tuning – Cylinders 2 and 3 prior to individual cylinder AFR trimming 100, 75, 50, 20% TPS
YEC Tuning – Cylinders 2 and 3 after individual cylinder AFR trimming



YEC Kit versus OEM ECU (flashed)

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